Speech-Language Pathologist since 1971

Private Practice

Since 1981 I have maintained a private practice specializing in neurological disorders (strokes and traumatic brain injury) in adults and children, stuttering and voice disorders.  I receive many referrals from former clients, physicians, and the Stuttering Foundation of America.  For most clients, I travel to them and work in the comfort of their home.

My purposes for maintaining a private practice are that I very much enjoy working directly with clients and their families and being a part of their rehabilitation and improvement in communication and cognitive functions.   The on-going clinical work also helps me maintain and increase my own clinical skills.  By being a therapist and seeing a variety of clients every week, my all-day seminars and workshops are much more “real” and practical.

My many summers working in acute, subacute, and convalescent hospitals and rehabilitation centers were very enjoyable and challenging.  I was able to see patients with CVAs, TBIs and other neurological disorders.  I worked directly with physicians and nurses and did co-treatments with physical and occupational therapists.